We're finishing up some things. Please try to keep this tab open and not navigate away until it finishes. Once this finishes, you'll get suggested search results as you type and hovering over abilities will tell you what they do

Track your PoxNora collection on PoxBrain!

You can now save your PoxNora collection here, which will allow you to see how much of each rune you own on PoxBrain, such as in search results. You'll be able to filter by owned quantity while searching as well. All you need is an account here so we can link your collection to someone.

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Other changes:
I think search might be somewhat confusing with all the different potential options, so I made a guided search page. It should now be significantly easier and simpler to find what you're looking for, like any runes that you need for quests.

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New update: Search by ability

There's been a new update to PoxBrain. New features include the ability to search by ability! You can search by ability by searching as ability:"ability-here". For example, to try and find champions with flight, teleport, leap and charge, you can try the search term: ability:"flight" ability:"leap" ability:"teleport" ability:"charge" Note that no champion has all of these abilities, so you'll see champions with as many of them as possible.

You'll also find a button to search for champions with this ability when you're on an ability page like the following:

Look at Cast: Light as a Feather

All of the above is simplified now, you can perform a Guided search

A new database?

This site is currently available for testing. Please report any bugs, inconsistencies or any comments onto the forum thread.

Try out the search function and the rune viewing option! (Start by searching any term on the top right)

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